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Export Server

Official JSCharting Export Server

Note: NOTE: It is not required to install the export server locally. Charts use the JSCharting export server by default and user chart images are not stored.

How to install

  • Download the export server here.
  • Extract ./ archive then copy ./payload/** files to custom folder. Payload is the root folder which contains files needed to install the export server.
  • Go to IIS Manager.
  • Right-click 'Sites' item and select 'Add Website...' menu item.
  • In the opened dialog 'Physical Path' field enter path you extracted files and populate all other required fields.

Using the newly installed export server

In order to make new charts point to the new export server url, apply the following chart configutation options to each chart that exports images:

JSC.Chart("divId", {
  toolbar_exportOptions_server: ""

How to change logo image

When navigating to this export server URL manually without image data, a static image is shown. This image can be changed by replacing payload/Images/default.png file with a different image.

In addition, the image link can be specified as follows:

  • In root folder of export server find web.config file.
  • Open it in favorite text editor.
  • Find in this file logosSettings section and add to it logos inner section additional string. This new string must have next format:
<add name="[name for your logo. used as key]" url="[url which will be matched with request]"
logo="[path to your logo image]" title="[title for your logo]" alt="[alternative text for your

For example:

<add name="jscharting" url="" logo="jscharting.logo.png" title="JSCharting Logo"
alt="JSCharting Logo"></add>