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Working With Data

JSCharting comes prepackaged with a number of utilities designed to simplify getting data, converting between data formats for transfer, and to perform simple transformations to chart all the details and trends the data contains.

JSC.fetch() is an alias for the vanilla js fetch() function but includes a polyfill for IE11.

A collection of functions is available to convert between JSON and delimiter separated values (DSV) such as CSV, tab separated values (TSV) or any arbitrary delimiter character. This conversion provides an easy way to reduce data payload size for transfer over the wire. For more information see: fetch(), CSV, and JSON Tutorial

In addition, the JSC.nest() object provides a mechanism to simplify splitBy, date grouping, and performing calculations on the received data as well as converting the results to chartable series and points. For more information see: Data Nesting Tutorial

The PHP dataEngine facilitates connecting to databases such as MySQL and includes features that enable a number of similar data processing features server side. For more information see: PHP Data Engine Tutorial

Client SideWorking with data client side.
Server SideAcquiring data server side.