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JavaScript Chart Feature Details

Navigate the complete history of feature listings for JSCharting. For existing customers, don’t miss the new What’s New section!

Chart Types
Widgets Module
  • Widget Types
  • Style widgets with CSS
  • Optimized for Dark or Light Modes
  • Animation support
  • Extensive Label Token support for [SeriesCollection,Series,Point,Value]
  • Label Expressions - Calculate expression values seamlessly within Label Token text
  • Label Formatting & Globalization
  • Clickable Icons In Labels Support
  • Legend Positioning
  • Legend DataGrid Columns
  • Legend Entry Layout
  • Legend styling (Fully stylable legend box)
Title Box
  • Fully stylable title box
  • Title label with calculation tokens support
  • Titlebox positioning options (left, center, right, full)
Real-Time & Interactivity Features
  • Axis Real-time features
  • Points
  • Interactive Data Highlighting (by muting others)
  • Series
UiItems (Input Controls)
  • Several input types
  • Dock and align inside or outside the chart area. i.e. 'inside bottom right'
  • Automatically populate options from API enum names
Chart Area
  • Background fill
  • Background Image
  • Shadow
  • Outline
  • Enhanced performance system wide, ideal for mobile and other resource constrained clients
  • Animation
  • Palettes - A large selection of predefined palettes
Visuals & Aesthetics
  • Bar Shading Effects
  • Default Shading Effects
  • Color Automation - When a color is specified for an object such as a legend background, in this case it also affects the outline color. This is just one example, however, anytime it is logical to do so, the chart will figure out the best way to use specified settings to deliver unprecedented visual results diminishing the need for professional designers to make chart look great.
  • Line caps support
Programming Features
  • Functional Programming API
  • Code Expansion - Alias property names without defining a JSON hierarchy to apply settings quickly
  • Default object settings - To speed up development by applying settings to all similar objects simultaneously
  • Chart Templates - Define templates for the entire organization to ensure all charts look similar or use similar settings
Data Features
  • Smart Category Grouping
  • Empty Point Mode - Offers different ways of handling empty points in a series
  • Animation
  • Custom Pie Layout options