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JavaScript Chart New Features

Navigate the complete history of feature listings for JSCharting. For existing customers, don’t miss the new What’s New section!

Chart Types
  • Chart Types
  • Finance Series Types
    • OHLC
      • Control close lower color (point.altColor)
    • CandleStick
      • Control close lower color (point.altColor)
  • Chart Type Related Features
    • Alternate Point Color Option (point.altColor)
  • Label Formatting & Globalization
    • RTL Text Support
  • Clickable Icons In Labels Support
  • Label Styling
    • Label Stroke with label.outline Options
  • Major & Minor ticks
    • Click, mouseOver, mouseOut Events
    • Point Axis Ticks with axisId Option
      • axisTick.hoverAction Highlighting Options
      • Closest Point Gets The Tick
  • Multiple Axis Support
    • Additional Axes Bind to Main Axes By Default
    • Arbitrary Extra Axes On Charts
  • Legend Entry support
    • Legend Checkbox
    • legendEntry.hoverAction Highlighting Options
Real-Time & Interactivity Features
  • Points
    • Point Selection Modes
      • auto - (Default) Uses single or multiple selection mode while CTRL (command on a Mac) is pressed.
      • single - Only one point is selected at a time.
      • multiple - Multiple points can be selected at a time. Click points again to deselect.
      • { max: 3 } - Specify an arbitrary number of points at a time using FIFO (first in, first out) logic. Clicking a point beyond the maximum number will select the new point and deselect the first point selected.
    • Point.cursor option
    • Tooltips - by hovering
      • Follow Cursor Option
    • Point.muted and selected properties
    • Point.hoverAction Highlighting Option
  • Interactive Data Highlighting (by muting others)
    • Highlighting Modes
      • highlightSeries - Mutes all data except the points of the series being hovered.
      • highlightPoint - Mutes all data except the hovered point.
      • highlightPointGroup - Mutes all data except the point group being hovered. A point group refers to points across all series that share the same x value or name.
  • Series
    • Series.muted and selected properties
  • Chart
    • Export
      • Export Events - (beforeExport, afterExport)
    • Data Selection Events (pointSelectionChanged, seriesSelectionChanged)
UiItems (Input Controls)
  • Several input types
    • Slider (range)
      • Throttle & Debounce Options
  • Animation
    • Post Update Animation Callback (updateOptions.then)
Programming Features
  • Utility Functions
    • JSC.sortBy() to help sorting data
  • Chart Mentoring, Tips and Suggestions
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