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Feature Highlights

All Features

Chart Types

  • Chart Types
    • Mosaic/Marimekko/Variwide Types
  • Microcharts Support In All Labels
    • AreaLine
    • Bar
    • BarFull
    • Bullet
    • Column
    • Heatmap
    • Pie
    • Progress
    • Scale
    • Sparkline


  • Data Point SmartLabels
    • Point %icon Token
  • JSC.label(div, text) - Add icons and microchart svg snippets to any div element on an HTML page


  • Scale Control
    • ScaleBreaks
      • CalendarPattern Scale Breaks
        • CalendarPattern Offsets
      • ScaleBreaks types and customization options.
  • Styling
    • Box rendering around tick label with callout.
  • Axis Crosshairs
    • X crosshair with data snapping (highlights all points at x position)
    • Enables combined tooltip when x axis crosshair is enabled alone
    • Y axis crosshair with data snapping (shows all point values at x position)


  • Legend DataGrid Columns
    • Automatic Column Alignments

Real-Time & Interactivity Features

  • Points
    • Tooltips - by hovering
      • Combined Tooltip - Shows tooltip for all points at a given x position
        • Combined Tooltip Customizations with tokens support
    • Point Focus Glow Visualization

UiItems (Input Controls)

  • Several input types
    • Select (dropdown)
      • Scrollable dropdown support
    • Slider (range)
      • One or two handles
      • Vertical Layout Option
    • File - Users can load files from PC

Programming Features

  • Utility Functions
    • JSC.merge()
    • JSC.sum(), mean(), min(), and max() Utility Functions

Data Features

  • Data Conversions
    • JSON to CSV, TSV, DSV conversion
    • CSV, TSV, DSV to JSON conversion
  • Data Nesting - Process any json data into series and points
    • Split by key()
    • Rollup() - value properties using summary calculations like sum,mean,min,max
    • PointRollup() - customize output point configuration
    • Generate series(data)
    • Generate points(data)
    • Generate raw data with entries(data)
  • Date Grouping
    • Group values by date using calendarPatterns
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