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JavaScript Chart Labels Details


  • Extensive Label Token support for [SeriesCollection,Series,Point,Value]
  • Label Expressions - Calculate expression values seamlessly within Label Token text
  • Label Formatting & Globalization
    • Label Globalization: Unicode characters
    • Automatic support for all cultures
    • Label text inline formatting
    • Label Callbacks (functions to process label text)
    • Additional Format Strings
      • 'a', 'a2': For automatic magnitude symbols: k, M, B
      • 't' Ten formatting for 102 number formats.
  • Icons (native svg vector support) are now supported in all text labels
  • Point label attribute tokens (shows extra data attributes)
  • series.attributes property for use with series tokens.
  • Label styling
  • Label Alignment
  • Label Absolute Positioning
  • Label HTML Tags
    • <hr> Horizontal line
    • <ul> <li> Lists
    • <img> Image support
    • <icon> Icons (native svg vector support) are now supported in all text labels
    • <sup> and <sub> Superscript and subscript text support.
  • Data Point SmartLabels
    • Pie slice labels can fit inside slices or know if they don't fit
    • Bubble type can fit labels inside the bubble if it fits
    • Auto rotate on columns
    • Avoid other labels and points
    • Control labels completely or partially with options autoHide, placement, align, and verticalAlign
    • Auto hide labels that will not fit
    • Point %icon Token
  • JSC.label(div, text) - Add icons and microchart svg snippets to any div element on an HTML page
    • JSC.label() preserve option to animate
  • Superimpose Microcharts with <absolute> tag