JavaScript Chart Types
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JavaScript bar chart is a chart type that graphs categorical data. Bar length is displayed proportional to the data values on the x-axis and categories are shown on the y-axis. Bar charts support multiple data visualizations including standard horizontal bar charts, stacked bar charts, full stacked bar charts, clustered bar charts, and population pyramid charts. Negative x axis value support enables you to display profit and losses and other variable data automatically. Tooltips show exact values for any bar or bar segment in the case of stacked bar charts. Advanced tooltip support includes formatting options by HTML and CSS and are styled attractively by default. The JSCharting JavaScript library uses HTML5, SVG and JavaScript for resolution independent, fast display of your chart data. Pass data points from JSON, connect to your database and display bar charts and bar graphs with minimal code. Powerful example charts with source code are included with modern attractive default styling. These example charts can be used as a base of customization for your own charts to get started quickly. Column charts, also known as vertical bar charts, are also fully supported.