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Chart Types

  • Chart Types
    • Organizational
      • Orient in any direction
      • Multiple parent node support.
      • Node layer values (level in hierarchy)
  • Chart Type Related Features
    • Multiple subValue support for x and y error bars.
    • Force markers on any data points like columns/pies.
    • Column complete visual - fills columns with a hatch based on point complete value
    • Hatch pattern fills for improved accessibility
    • Change series types in real-time.
    • SmartLabels - Data point labels avoid each other.
      • Pie slice labels can fit inside slices or know if they don't fit.
      • Bubble type can fit labels inside the bubble if it fits.


  • Axis Markers
    • Smart AxisMarker Labels that avoid other labels and visuals.


  • Legend Positioning
    • Aligned inside chart area. i.e. 'CA:bottomRight'
  • Legend DataGrid Columns
    • Custom legend data grid columns with expressions
    • Column Headers.
  • Legend Entry Layout
    • Cell Spacing

Title Box

  • Fully stylable title box
    • Fully customization box corners include square, cut, and round shapes.

Real-Time & Interactivity Features

  • Axis Real-time features
    • Update any axis options at any time.
  • Points
    • Update any Point properties at any time
  • Series
    • Update any series options at any time
  • Chart
    • Update any chart options at any time

UiItems (Input Controls)

  • Several input types
    • Button
    • Select (dropdown)
    • SelectMultiple
    • Checkbox
    • Radio
  • Inside chart area alignment layout.
    • Automatic stacking of multiple items with same positions.
  • Automatically populate options from API enum names.


  • Animation
    • Shape morphing animations. Modifying chart options animates them.
    • Many pre-defined animation easing options.
    • Colors Animation - Full color animation tweening even between gradients and solid colors.

Programming Features

  • Functional Programming API.
    • Set chart options with config object during instantiation or at any time after.
    • Chart will attempt to animate changes when they are applied.


  • Positioning
    • Docking to any chart area side or corner. 'CA:orientation'
    • Stacking items docked to the same docking position.
  • Box Styling
    • Fully customization box corners include square, cut, and round shapes.


  • Embedded input controls (See UiItems)
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