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Chart Types

  • Chart Types
  • Series Types
    • Marker
      • Auto rotation on radial and circular charts.
  • Chart Type Related Features
    • Multiple shape labels on radial and circular charts


  • Icons (native svg vector support) are now supported in all text labels
  • series.attributes property for use with series tokens.


  • Axis Line
    • Line tick breaks provide a unique visual in combination with circular or linear gauges
      • Customizble gap spacing
      • Render default gap positions or "invert" rendering each gap with a line instead.
      • Custom break positions.
    • Fill axis line with smartPalette gradients.
  • Major & Minor ticks
    • Radial axis tick placement visual customization (inside/outside)
  • Intervals
    • Time axis smart labeling
      • Dynamically selects major and minor time axis tick formatting
      • Automatic label culling to minimize label length
      • Optimized for charts with zooming into time series data
  • Styling
    • Grid line width matching column widths automatically.
    • Axis visuals onTop to control drawing order
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