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All Features

Real-Time & Interactivity Features

  • Axis Real-time features
    • Get or set axis scale range.
    • Add or Remove axis markers.
    • Update axis Label
    • Get axis value at click position.
  • Points
    • Add/Remove points in real-time
    • Point events
    • Update Point properties
    • Get point calculations
    • Explode point pie slices
    • Select/Unselect points
  • Series
    • Add/Remove series in real-time
    • Get series calculations
    • Show/Hide series
    • series.updatePoints() - Optimizes transition from the current set of points to a new set to enhance animation and overall performance.
  • Chart
    • Print
    • Export
    • getSVG
    • Redraw
    • Chart data calculations
  • General
    • Automatic redraw mechanism allows consecutive updates without performance degradation or need to manage chart redraw.