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  • PHP MySQL DataEngine
  • Enhanced performance system wide, ideal for mobile and other resource constrained clients.
  • Animation
    • Shape morphing animations. Modifying chart options animates them.
    • Many pre-defined animation easing options.
    • Colors Animation - Full color animation tweening even between gradients and solid colors.
  • Palettes - A large selection of predefined palettes
  • Browser Compatibility - Supports virtually all standard and popular browsers.
  • Smart Interpretation of settings - Traditionally users had to specify every individual setting to achieve a particular effect. The chart evaluates settings, and logically concludes what the user is attempting to do. Then applies such settings directly. Example:
    • States Cascading - A point has states: [normal, hover, selected ] When the hover marker size is set, the selected state inherits those settings.
    • Visual Completion - A legend background color is specified. The legend outline updates accordingly.
  • Smart Default Tooltips - Depending on the data and chart type, the tooltip displays relevant and useful calculations automatically.
    • Tooltips utilize axis labels to identify data within tooltips automatically.