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Mapping Component Features

JavaScript Chart Features

Mapping Component Features

JSMapping brings advanced charting features to JSCharting at no additional charge including advanced chart types and customization on an included complete set of highly tuned maps.

Map Thematic Markers

Thematic point map layer markers.

Map Series Filter

Map points specifying specific map features with a background.

Dynamically load provinces when a country is clicked.
Dynamic tooltips and thematic encoding.
Thematic mapping bound to data.
A thematic election map with a smartPalette tuned to have a higher resolution center.
A property filter based base layer.
A bubble map series dynamically updated in real-time.
A map point series loaded from a custom geoJSON file.
Dynamically plot Lat/Long points on a map.
Loads a map with select surrounding base layer countries for context.
Use an external topoJSON file and built in map codes for context.
A map with custom real-time navigation and palette controls.
Use a custom legend entry to reset zooming.
Points created for specific map features.
Map points bound to specific map features using propertyFilters.
A map with line series plotted.
Zoom to series when legend entry clicked.
A UI wrapping the JSC.colorToPalette() method.
Map points based on specific states by ID.
Shows a few native map tokens in tooltips.
Thematic mapping bound to data.
Two map series, each with a specific set of map features.
Zoom based on mapCodes or property filters.