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Chart Legend

JavaScript Chart Features

Chart Legend

The legend can be positioned anywhere on the chart area and provides interactivity to turn individual series on or off. Using label tokens, legend entries can be easily customized to display general calculations related to their series.

Legend Axis Markers

AxisMarker legend entry customization with attributes.

Legend Alone

Chart with only a legend dataGrid.

Uses a pie series as a legend that lets you toggle series visibility by clicking the pie slices.
Custom legend entry with data sum and line above.
Custom legend entries used to group series in the legend.
Line series with a highlighted point that uses an icon and legend entry.
Custom legend entries with calculations.
Microcharts used in legend columns.
Uses the legend as a data grid to display attributes and calculations.
Legend entry events triggered on hover.
Specifies a custom sort order for legend entries.
Demonstrates positioning the legendbox next to the chart title box automatically.
Show legend entries for each data point. By default hovering point legend entries highlights the points.
Specifies legend entry text for a specific series.