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JavaScript Chart Features


JSCharting includes advanced label support and functionality to quickly and easily render custom formatting and label options, even without the need of a callback function. Through a smart token system and inline formattting, JSCharting automatically displays data associated with the parent object saving development time and visualizing data values and related calculations with ease.

Water Heating Curve

Using superscript and subscript label tags to display formulas.

Demonstrates specifying different cultures and format strings to axis tick labels.
Limit label width and disable wrapping. Use overflow ellipsis to hide the excess text.
Shows 20 shape labels and their alignments set for a pie series. You can see how the labels align to the pie and directions they stack with labels sharing the same alignments.
Using JSC.label() for KPI elements with animated SVG icons.
Demonstrates using dynamic icons in axis tick labels.
Demonstrates using token expressions in axis ticks and tooltips.
Use JSC.label() to add SVG icons to HTML.
Update x axis tick angle using a range (slider) UI item.
Using the JSC formatting methods in the callback function.
Uses callback functions to process label text.
Evaluating data point tokens within a label callback.
Uses data point attributes and displays them in labels with tokens.
Demonstrates specifying the data formatting using a single setting.
Uses inline formatting to show the same value but using a different format in the title.
Demonstrate using lists and images to text annotations.
Uses tokens in strings to describe charted data.
Uses label tokens with inline formatting for legend entry text.
Demonstrates point specific label options.
Demonstrates using token expressions to calculate time spans.
Demonstrates using token expressions to calculate time spans in days shown in legend.