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JavaScript Chart Features


JSCharting has advanced axis support which automatically tunes, labels and animates axis transitions and scales. Axes may be duplicated and customized to show different units and complete support for multiple axis is standard. Customization and control is also offered for major and minor tick styling and interval settings. Advanced culture support ensures that your data displays correctly and is formatted correctly in different browsers, countries and cultures.

Multi Y Axes

Demonstrates using multiple Y axes associated with different series.

Category Range Ticks

Multi-level category axis range tick labels.

Custom range ticks with multiple and offset axes.
Custom curly brace range ticks mapped to tire ratings.
Holiday calendar pattern markers showing correlation with hotel traffic.
Holiday calendar pattern markers correlating with website traffic.
Weekday vs weekend axis marker calendar patterns.
Category axis label groups using range ticks.
Series value ranges with multiple y axes.
Defines multiple axes sharing common gridlines while using different units on each axis.
Grid lines on top of series that blend into background.
Demonstrates using multiple Y Axes using regular and stacked scales.
Custom range ticks that are offset onto the chart area.
Custom calendar pattern axis range ticks.
Axis ticks associated with the last point in each series.
Manually added scale breaks.
Automatic scale breaks by specifying a limit.
Custom smartPalette color bar axis ticks with icons.
Axis tick line caps.
Interval calendar pattern ranges on a time scale axis.
Arrow and circle axis line caps.
Negative and positive values on a logarithmic scale with t (ten) formatting.
Dynamic tick placement.
Dynamically updates chart data in real-time. Dynamic axis ticks display calculations that stay in sync.
Default axis ticks replaced with custom ticks.
Specify custom numeric and time tick intervals.
Logarithmic axis scale options.
Axis marker that is always visible by using includeInScale.
AxisMarkers drawn in front of data points.
Demonstrates many axis marker styling features.
Default axis ticks replaced with custom ticks.
Custom axis tick with box fill options that is always visible by using the AxisTick.includeInScale option.
Use defaultHiddenTick to stagger tick labels by setting a pixel offset for ticks that are overlapped.
Applies axis scales settings that affect the axis range and appearance.
Define multiple axes sharing a common time scale while using different tick intervals.