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Why JSCharting


More than you need, just in case
  • Gantt, org, calendar, and more – all in one
  • Maps with all countries/provinces built-in
  • Integrated data grid control
  • Light weight microCharts and sparklines
  • Library of useful SVG icons and graphics


Start faster, finish sooner
  • Refined auto API: fewer settings; less code
  • Charts look and feel right by default
  • 100s of examples to learn and reuse
  • In-depth documentation – API & tutorials
  • Advanced developer support/guidance


Designed to interact
  • Integrated UI controls
  • Modify/animate everything
  • Touch and mobile optimized
  • Responsive (resizes to fit container)
  • Automatic accessibility compliance

Explore JSCharting


A chart type for every need, on every device!

Including bar and column charts, lines, splines, steplines, advanced combination types, finance, stock charts, pies, donuts, and scatter charts plus new types on every JSCharting release!


The features you need; the speed you demand!

JSCharting offers hundreds of features to meet your advanced requirements from globalization and internationalization support to advanced visuals, interactivity and real-time results.